This is part four of the untold story of the men from MARSOC Fox Company, and the leadership that failed them.

As covered in part 3 of this series, Colonel Pihana commenced his first interview of a Marine from MSOC Fox on 8 March 2007, as he testified in the COI. The NCIS Investigation registered that MSOC Fox was ordered out of Afghanistan the following day on 9 March 2007. However, Col Pihana’s Article 15-6 investigation was not completed until 5 April 2007, long after Fox Company had been expelled from Afghanistan. Fox Company’s leadership had been relieved with adverse fitness reports by LtCol Montanus based upon conjecture in the international media, as well as MARSOC Commander MajGen Hejlik sending eight different Fox Company Marines back to Camp Lejeune based upon hearsay as this report had not been completed until the eight Marines were already in Camp Lejeune.

The following document is Major General Kearney’s endorsement on the Article 15-6 investigation, which Col Pihana conducted on the actions of the MARSOC 7 Marines. The letter is dated 5 April 2007.