I recently had a chance to view SOFREP.com’s exclusive visit, tour, and interviews with the men of the elite Polish counterterrorism unit, GROM. They are Poland’s equivalent to the U.S. Navy SEAL teams, and this was the first time that a U.S. film crew was invited to the unit’s compound in Poland to observe their training firsthand. Former Navy SEAL Brandon Webb and his team took full advantage of the opportunity. The video is superb, and features a rockin’ soundtrack and actual background radio chatter from war-zone operations that keep pace with the action on the screen.

The video begins with a history of GROM, which has roots in the World War II-era anti-Nazi Cichociemni Spadochroniarze Armii Krajowej (CSAK) or “The Silent and Dark Ones.” The video features a very informative guided tour of a museum, during which Brandon is provided a narrative of GROM’s history, including one interesting fact about the only female CSAK (who would have turned 100 years old in 2013). Next are interviews with GROM personnel, to include the current commander. (This interview is translated by none other than a close friend to SOFREP and frequent guest on “Inside the Team Room,” Polish-American former Navy SEAL Drago Hood.)

Throughout the remainder of the video are clips and explanations (but not too much) of GROM’s selection and training, including its maritime component and combat stress-shoot course. Also included is exclusive helmet-cam footage of GROM operations, mostly from Iraq, showing raids, close-quarter work, and prisoner snatches. Another interesting note highlighted in the film is the primary role that Drago Hood played in promoting the lash-up of U.S. Navy SEAL teams and GROM units for combat operations in Iraq. This video is a must-see, and viewers will definitely enjoy the exclusive footage and background on a little-known but elite unit.

(Featured image courtesy of armyphotos.net)