Despite the fact that UBL is dead and the US counterterrorism apparatus has been full steam ahead for the past twelve-plus years since 9/11, the threat of terrorism around the world remains as strong and steadfast as ever. While al-Qaeda proper may have been all but snuffed out through precision drone strikes, night raids, and HVI targeting in various hotspots around the globe, al-Qaeda as a franchise has managed to spread radical militant Islamist ideology all over the world with rapid dispersal.

This spread of radicalism has given birth to many offshoot groups, many of whom represent ideals and end-states that continue to threaten Western interests abroad. This breed of terror has seen a divergence away from radical Islamism and turned more towards the rise of Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs), a catch-all term for the often complex violent organizations operating in even more complex environments that threaten stability and security around the world.

Below is a preliminary list compiled by SOFREP that provides in-depth analysis, research, background, and other resources regarding terrorism and VEOs. Given the importance of the safety and security of US citizens both at home and abroad, it’s unlikely the threat of terrorism will be going anywhere anytime soon. As various threats from terrorism develop around the world, so does the information available. This list provides some of the most current and relevant information available regarding the terror threat for readers to explore.

Oh, and be advised: it’s going to be like drinking water from a fire hose.


National Counterterrorism Center

Terror group profiles, methods & tactics of attacks, bomb threat stand-off distances, common explosives, indicators of false documents, and much more can all be found at the NCTC 2014 Counterterrorism Calendar site. The National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) is the primary US government organization responsible for anything and everything pertaining to terrorism. They’re a wealth of information on a wide variety of all-source intelligence that feeds all US counterterrorism activities…it’s an impossible resource to pass up.

US Department of State Country Reports on Terrorism