“The head of the National Rifle Association can’t shoot, can’t schmooze, and has the backbone of a chocolate eclair.”

Says a former board member—yet commands one of the most influential right-wing organizations in politics. -From Tim Mak’s book Misfire: Inside the downfall of the NRA

I, and many others, Oliver North included, have often scratched our heads at how someone as weird as Wayne rose to the top spot within the organization, but how he got there is very telling of his character.

In the swirling madness of America’s gun debate, a seismic shift has just occurred at the heart of its most storied institution. The National Rifle Association, a fortress of firearms fervor, finds itself leaderless as Wayne LaPierre, its long-standing CEO and career lobbyist, steps down. This isn’t just a change of guard; it’s a narrative ripped straight from the pages of a political thriller, where even the staunchest of allies turn foes in the face of unbridled extremism.