Well, Christmas is behind us, and we’re back in the SOFREP Team Room. The guys are still talking about military schools and how Navy guys are given a rough time in Army schools and vice versa. It’s just a bit of inter-service rivalry.

Shane talks about wanting to go to sniper school as a new guy, but he wasn’t selected.

Brandon talks about how he was shocked at the lack of safety protocols when he got his civilian freefall skydiving certification. It was basically the instructors asking him if his good was good to go, whereas, in the military, you go through a series of checks (buddy check, jumpmasters, etc.) before you are allowed to exit a perfectly good aircraft.

He then talks about attending sniper school with close friend and fellow SEAL Glen Doherty. Ever the perfectionist, Doherty felt like he was on the cusp of failing the school when, in reality, he was one of its best students. On one of the final stalks, he came to Brandon for advice on the best way to complete the exercise. He felt Brandon’s plan was a little too aggressive and decided to take his own route. As it turns out, Brandon set a record time and was back in his room napping while Glen inched along through the brush on his belly.

Join us in the Team Room for all of the details and the rest of the story.