In this episode of Inside the Team Room, SOFREP founder and CEO Brandon Webb tells a thoroughly enjoyable story about how he began BUD/S right after a six-month deployment on an aircraft carrier, which led him to be “that guy” at BUD/S. You know, “that guy,” the one no one wants to be. The one who everyone has to wait for to finish his push-ups so they can go to chow. The one who comes in last in the run. He was in every “goon squad” and every remedial PT group. He was the guy who had to show up early for training and stay late afterward.

But he was in his element when Hell Week started. Now, all the rest of his class felt the misery he had been going through for the past four weeks.  Through it all, he refused to quit and finally began to shine, gaining the respect of his peers.

This is good stuff.