Welcome back to SOFREP’s Team Room.

Today’s topic is deployment with coalition special operations forces. Brandon talks about how there is a sort of global SOF brotherhood and strong mutual respect between coalition SOF units.

Drago shares some funny stories about the time he acted as a liaison between the SEALs and the Polish GROM.  At the time, not all GROM operators were proficient in English (now they are), so Drago ended up carrying two radios: One, he used to speak with the SEALs in English, and the other, he used to speak to GROM in Polish.  As you might imagine, sometimes he got the two radios confused, and he would occasionally talk to the SEALs in Polish. He tells how frustrated would reply in those cases with a salty, “Hey motherfu**er, English!”

Drago also tells how his initial time as a liaison with GROM was supposed to be three months, but his higher headquarters somehow seemed to forget that. After 8 months of deployment, his night vision equipment broke, and he had to call his SEAL Team back home from Baghdad for a replacement. They asked him where the hell he was because he was supposed to be with the US, getting ready to deploy to Iraq (where Drago already was with Grom).  You have to hear him tell the story; it’s a hilarious comedy of errors told as only Drago can tell it.

This is kind of the SEAL version of “Home Alone 2,” except he’s ‘lost’ in Baghdad instead of New York.

Settle in, click that play button, and get ready to laugh.