Welcome back to SOFREP’s Team Room.

You’ve just got to love Drago’s stories. I could sit and listen to them for hours. First, he talks about how women first came into support roles for the Teams, and this was about the same time he had a “wardrobe malfunction” with the elastic in his running shorts, which left everything hanging out.  This wouldn’t do, so the guys had to start wearing much longer shorts for their runs.  His thoughts on that: “Just try to run f***ing ten miles in that f***ing sh*t.”

Then he recalls reporting to Team TWO in his dress blues.  Before he knew it, he was on the pull-up bar and then had to run three miles in those uncomfortable dress shoes.  Later in the week, he was invited to a Team party where he discovered a Team TWO “new guy” tradition. Before long, he recalls being hoisted off the floor upside down by his ankles and force-fed beer through a homemade funnel and tubing “beer bong.”  Good times.

He laughed and said, “It was nothing rough, just a welcome to the Teams.”