In this final episode of Inside the Team Room: Green Berets, Jack starts off with a disturbing story told to him by a good friend who was a Yezidi from Sinjar (in northern Iraq). Murphy tells how the man watched ISIS roll into town and douse his niece and her children with gasoline.  Just when they are about to be burned alive, one of the terrorists suggests that it would be better to let them starve because they would suffer longer that way.

This is the enemy we were dealing with. The rules of human decency that we take for granted do not apply in their world. It is unjust and unfair…still, that is the way it is.

After hearing this, the guys chime in with examples of how most Americans have a lack of knowledge of how things work in the rest of the world.

Enjoy this final installment of the series, and if you missed any of the earlier episodes, be sure to circle back and get caught up. There is a lot of wisdom and real-world experience at this table.