Welcome to Inside the Team Room: Mission Intelligence.

Meet the Team:

  • Jason spent six years at the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) as a staff operations officer and twelve years in the United States Marine Corps. His decision to join the Marines was a childhood dream, influenced by his admiration for certain sports teams and their mascots. After being medically retired, he worked for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) while attending college. Encouraged by a cousin who revealed himself to be involved with the CIA, Jason pursued and joined the agency, a process that took three years due to extensive travel and security clearances.
  • T.O. served in the Army, focusing on psychological operations and human intelligence collection. After his military service, he spent time as a civilian in East Asia. T.O. expressed a long-standing interest in understanding and influencing human behavior, which led him to pursue this field. His journey into the military was marked by a humorous misunderstanding with his family, who did not believe he had enlisted due to him signing up on April Fool’s Day.
  • Sam is a retired CIA case officer who also served as an Army officer. He stumbled upon a job listing for the Director of Operations at the CIA and felt it was the perfect match for what he wanted to do with his life, despite the perceived oddity of the career path from an outsider’s perspective.
  • Danielle worked as a counterintelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), collaborating closely with the Army. She also served as an instructor for four years. Like the others, Danielle’s career path was influenced by a combination of personal interests, opportunities, and the practical aspects of her life circumstances.

Throughout the conversation, they touch on themes of passion for their work, the unpredictability of career paths, and the challenges and rewards of serving in intelligence and military roles. The group’s diverse experiences highlight the unique paths individuals can take toward careers in national security and intelligence.

Be sure to check out this entertaining and informative video. How often do you have the opportunity to listen in on intelligence officers speaking so candidly?