Welcome to Inside the Team Room. Today, SOFREP’s Jack Murphy is on the road at an undisclosed location.

This interview isn’t being conducted in a bar in New York City or a hotel in Vegas; if the setting looks a bit drab, that’s because we were filming at a Peshmerga base in Kurdistan.

Our guests are two U.S. military veterans, Kurt and Joey, who volunteered to join the Peshmerga to fight ISIS. Kurt, a former Marine, and Joey, an Army veteran, discuss their backgrounds, motivations, and experiences in deciding to fight alongside Kurdish forces.

Both men describe dissatisfaction with their civilian lives post-military service and a strong desire to combat the clear-cut evil represented by ISIS’s actions in the region. They recall their paths from the US military to joining the Peshmerga, including Kurt’s attempt to join the French Foreign Legion and both of their considerations of joining the YPG (People’s Protection Units) in Syria before ultimately deciding on the Peshmerga.

Their stories highlight a search for purpose, a reaction to ISIS’s atrocities, and a continuation of their commitment to fight against threats to freedom and safety.

We hope you enjoy hearing about their unique perspectives.