Welcome back to Inside the Team Room: Navy SEAL Snipers. Today, our favorite podcast host, Rad, is back asking questions to Navy SEAL Snipers Brandon Webb and Charlie Melton.

Brandon notes the importance of judging a person on their merits, not their reputation. He says the SEAL Teams are sometimes like a “sewing circle of women talking trash.” Gossip flows like butter off a hot pancake, often making a mess of what gets in its way.

He also notes that the SEAL community does not do a very good job of helping guys transition to civilian life. Charlie agrees.

Brandon mentions that the VA system doesn’t do a very good job of helping service members transition to civilian life (a fact that I can definitely attest to). One day you’re the best of the best, looked up to by an entire community of people and literally the next you’re an average Joe with a newly printed DD 214 in his hand, out there looking for a job.

Listen in on the conversation, and I bet you’ll catch yourself nodding along in agreement.