Welcome back to SOFREP’s Team Room. Today, we are joined by Aaron “Rad” Radl, SOFREP brand ambassador, USAF vet, and podcast host extraordinaire.

Brandon gets the ball rolling by talking about how he is the son of hippie parents, and he basically grew up on a boat. Next, we are introduced to fellow SEAL Charlie Melton, who spent 25 years in the Navy. When he left for the Navy at the age of 19 he had never been out of Macon, Georgia.

The guys agree that the one factor that is present in almost all SEALs was the ability to overcome childhood adversity.  These are men who started to work at a very young age, learned responsibility, and gained problem-solving skills as they went along. Those candidates who do not possess the skills to deal with and overcome adversity (no matter how smart or talented they may be) are probably going to wash out of special operations selection programs.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this first episode of Inside the Team Room with Navy SEAL Snipers.