We’ve all seen those cute signs that people have around their pools when they are particularly paranoid about people peeing in them. They all look something like this:

no p in pool

Well, you won’t see any of those posted along the beach of the Pacific Ocean. If you’ve been underwater for hours in a wet suit and have to go, you just let nature take its course and go.  The trouble is, you can get used to doing that, and, as Brandon recalls, sometimes you get that same urge while doing something like standing in line at the grocery store, and you’ve got to remember where you are.

Also, in this episode, Shane Hiatt recalls being pulled out of the freezing surf with a core body temperature of 88°F. Guess where they had to stick the thermometer to get that reading? Drago comments hilariously that he was having no part of that examination.

Enjoy episode 6 of Inside the Team Room; it’s a good one.