Welcome to Inside the Team Room, Stand and Fight. Our primary instructor today is legendary Green Beret and close-quarters combat instructor Jim “Smokey” West.

Clint and Mijo are there as well to demonstrate what to do if you are unexpectedly accosted in the street. Turning and running may be considered to separate yourself from the threat, but we realize there may be times when you are boxed in, and this is not possible.  In these situations, Jim advocates swift, decisive action. Catch your attacker off guard with a couple of swift blows to the chest, followed by a crushing knee to the groin. Improvise and, as I like to say, “Be bloody, bold, and resolute.”

Drills like we see here help train you in an immediate response. Untrained persons, after being randomly accosted, will likely be startled into inaction, allowing their attacker to gain the upper hand.