Welcome back to SOFREP’s Team Room, where we prove truth is stranger than fiction.

Today, the guys are joined by Scott McEwen, co-author of American Sniper and close friend of Chris Kyle. They all drink to his memory.

Moving on to lighter fare, Bradon asks everyone for their “No shit, there I was” story.  Mike has to think about his when Shane pipes up and says,

“I’m the only guy I know that’s ever been bit on the head by a Sea Lion.” 

Even before he starts telling the story,  you have to wonder how anyone is going to be able to beat that one.

“I actually had my entire head in the mouth of a Sea Lion,” he begins.

Wonder how that happened? Watch the video.

Drago, of course, has a story, and it’s flat-out hilarious. It’s as if they took the TV series SEAL Team and turned it into a situation comedy.  In this week’s episode, Drago is coming back from a multi-month deployment to Iraq, and someone from his Team is supposed to pick him up at the airport, but after hours of waiting, they don’t show. It’s the weekend, and he has a hard time getting someone on the phone. Finally, Drago gets back and is allowed to drop off his gear, but he’s not allowed to stay in the Team area. As fate would have it, his girlfriend has kicked him out and he has nowhere to go. But he had his Harley, and he was hungry and knew that International House of Pancakes was open all night.