You thought they were fired – terminated for corruption, negligence, and theft. Guess what; they’re back and making bank. Diana Rubens is a director with a $181,497 annual salary, and Kimberly Graves is pulling in $173,949. Sharon Helman who went to Disneyland as veterans died on her watch is on her way to being reinstated, expect a bonus and compensation package for her efforts in scandal.

Way to ‘Wolf of Wall Street,’ your way up the chain – stealing half a million and falsifying personnel reports is seemingly the way to progress.

It also helps if you have U.S. Attorney General Lynch and President Barack Obama’s administration directly backing your evil-shenanigans.

This is your VA, The Department of Veterans Affairs at your service. A federal institution developed to provide care, health, and wellness, which nonetheless appears to have developed its customer and patient services, public image, and professional practices on Dante’s Inferno.

Still in the eighth circle, which bears the name of Malebolge [Evil Claws,] they look down from the bridge that passes over its fifth gulf, upon the barterers or public peculators. These are plunged in a lake of boiling pitch, and guarded by Demons, to whom Virgil, leaving Dante apart, presents himself; and license being obtained to pass onward, both pursue their way.

If you’re not familiar with the works of Dante Alighieri from Renaissance Florence; I won’t hold it against you, I have my own unique interests. In short, The Divine Comedy: Inferno is an antique yet relevant piece of literature that follows the physical descent into Hell of Dante, covering its many circles and misbegotten souls.

If you’ve ever heard someone reference a ‘Circle of Hell,’ that is a reference to Dante and the Inferno.

The Inferno is how I see the majority of federal facilities these days, as these public institutions operated in the most atrocious manner and we simply expect and accept; this is Divine Comedy. The VA is the eighth circle, and where Dante metaphorically told a story with a political theme in the episode.  The eighth circle is administrated by a demon named, Malebolge [Evil Claws,] an agile and capable beast whose personnel is comprised of the corrupt political officials and employees who were banished to damnation.