No matter what you think about Instructor Zero, you cannot deny the fact that firing a head shot at 25 meters in .84 seconds is damn fast and VERY accurate.

I had the privilege to talk with Instructor Zero on the SOFREP Radio podcast yesterday night. He is a very humble and well thought guy.

What I really like about him is the fact that he states he’s an eternal learner and will encourage his students to go try other academies so they can learn different techniques. He also teaches his students to put a lot of emphasis on their mind before even firing thousands of rounds downrange.

The trigger finger is the last thing we use in a gun fight. We need to have our mind set on the environment and the threats before even taking a shot.

Here’s a  Facebook video of him shooting at 7 yds headshot in .66 seconds!

Instructor Zero also comments on his Bravo Concealment holster stating it’s “very very good stuff.”