Another month passes, and another series of cracks appear in the foundation of the global political order. As much as this author might sometimes delight in being proven right, it nonetheless causes me grave concern when I see the pylons of international stability being chipped away by global chaos. The pylons are under assault. Let us count the ways.

First, the British public (or most of it, anyway) voted to leave the European Union (EU). Whether you think it beneficial to British interests, or a bureaucratic hindrance to British prosperity and freedom, there is little doubt that the EU has been a force for European stability over the past half century. The EU is not about to collapse, but a blow has surely been struck against it. Might that blow also stagger the regional peace Europe has experienced (mostly) for decades? Perhaps.

The international order continues to crumble

Next, we witnessed an attempted coup in Turkey, led by a faction of hapless military leaders. Turkey is no stranger to military coups, but this one was different. The coup failed, for one thing, and secondly, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is now using the aftermath to clean house politically. Anti-Erdogan political, media, intellectual, and military leaders are being rounded up, and in some cases, tortured. It is a purge, my friends, and it threatens the very nature of the Turkish regime established by Ataturk. This is a frightening prospect to befall the second-largest military in the North American Treaty Organization (NATO).