Hello everybody – I wanted to let you know that since we made some hosting upgrades last week on SOFREP.com, some people had complained that they could not access SOFREP.com in Microsoft Internet Explorer.

We think we’ve fixed that.

Specifically, we think it was IE8 that was the problem, though it may have also been IE9. We don’t support IE8 – nobody does anymore – but we still wanted to fix this just in case it was all versions of IE. The issue was pretty bad – people would hit SOFREP.com on any page using IE8 and kablamo. But it was limited to a very small niche of visitors.

So will you three guys please test this and let me know if you’re ok now?




(Featured Image Courtesy: LifeHacker…and I used this one in honor of one of our newer members…. Welcome to Team Room!)