Please introduce us to your background and what prompted you to join the Army?

I was a normal kid raised in a very conservative family in north Texas. I wrestled growing up for different schools and leagues. I will never forget what brought me to the military, and that was my sophomore year in high school and watching those planes fly into those towers. Even if we were to go to war again, to this day, I would have no problem fighting for this country again.

Did you sign on with a Option 40 (Ranger contract) or volunteer while in basic training or airborne school? Why did you want to become a Ranger?

When I knew I wanted to fight for this country, I knew I wanted to do something in special operations, although I had no IDEA what special operations was other than watching Black Hawk Down.

All potential Rangers must pass the Ranger Indoctrination Program, or RIP, [ed note: now called RASP] a type of selection course that separates the boys from the men. What was that experience like for you?

HAHA!  It was horrible. I went through RIP in the dead of winter which they totally used it against us. Rather than just the usual “smoke” us all day and make us exhausted, they used the weather against us. Stand in formation for hours upon hours in the freezing rain in nothing but a pt uniform, and then Cole Range was a total mind fuck. The mind games were much more overwhelming than the pt. The only cover we had for sleep was the cover we shared with our ranger buddy and what little sleep we had.

I will say one thing though…. RIP was a million times easier than being a new Private in Ranger Battalion with a spawn of Satan as a Team Leader.

How is Ranger battalion different from other infantry units?