PJ and I were in the same Peshmerga units before he left to fight in Syria alongside the YPG. He is an exceptional warrior that embodies the spirit of the Marine Corps with a sense of humor that cannot be matched, Semper Fidelis brother.


Kurt: What’s your military background?

PJ: 0351 infantry assaultman UCMC 2005-2009. Two tours around Al-Anbar province. Squad R/O first tour, squad leader second tour.

Kurt: What made you decide to go over and fight ISIS?

PJ: Watching towns like Fallujah and Ramadi was a final straw for me. After watching closely how the stability of the region went after the Arab spring. Al-Nusra and the FSA causing trouble with the regime and giving rise to Daesh which gave rise to the idea of a caliphate. Raping and murdering all in their path led them into conflict with the Kurds in both Syria and Iraq. The Kurds, in turn, offered a chance for foreign volunteers to fight shan ba shan (shoulder to shoulder), an offer many of us couldn’t refuse.

Kurt: Which Kurdish forces were you with and how long were you with each respective entity?

PJ: Basically I gave six months to both the Peshmerga, and the YPG respectively.