I want to take a moment to introduce our newest SFOREP writer to our readers and welcome him to the team.  Coriolanus comes from a background in intelligence analysis and is quite simply a wealth of information, bringing a completely new perspective to SOFREP that Brandon and I are sometimes lacking.  When I asked Coriolanus to write for us I was half joking, not because I didn’t want him, but because I never thought I would talk a high caliber analysist like him into it! -Jack

Coriolanus’s background is as an all source fusion intelligence analyst. He currently works as a hybrid intelligence analyst and data scientist (similar to ORSA). He has worked in the intel industry for over ten years and specializes in DoD joint intelligence analysis, counter terrorism, joint targeting, and cyber information operations, among others. Coriolanus has worked at the tactical, operational, and strategic levels of war working for special mission units and policy makers; and working in areas such as Central and South America, Iraq and Afghanistan theaters of war, and throughout Southeast Asia. He retains a B.A. in International Relations from a US university and is finishing a grad degree in his field with a focus on counter terrorism, and speaks a second language fluently.

Due to his placement and access, clearance, and desire for privacy, Coriolanus is a pseudonym for a FNULNU citizen who bleeds red, white, and blue. More importantly the views he elaborates on should not be construed to represent the views of the government of the United States of America, it’s representatives, or his employer. They are his and his alone. Welcome to spook country.