The internet has brought about a new age in communication, and with it came a whole slew of new and old businesses intent on using the global connectivity offered through the web to improve their business practices.  Thanks to the internet, you can buy groceries online, pay your utility bills, and if some are to be believed, hire a contract killer to conduct covert assassinations on the other side of the globe.

Reddit, which uses the motto, “front page of the internet,” offers many a home away from home in the digital wilderness of the World Wide Web.  No matter your interest, you can find a community of like-minded folks sharing pictures, memes, and written content about it, and anonymously join in on the fun for free.  It stands as a haven for political debate, unabashed fan-boying (or girling), trolling, and in many cases, the dregs of society that might otherwise have been forced wash their hair and interact with real human beings.  You can find anyone on Reddit, from the middle-aged businessman to the pre-teen Ariana Grande fan – and that inherently means a certain percentage of them are going to be creepy, ignorant… or even downright terrifying.

Enter the Reddit user ReligionOfPeace.  When browsing through his post history (which ends abruptly a little over seven years ago) you can quickly determine a few things: first, he was a creep, serving as a moderator and admin for a sub-Reddit called “Jailbait” that specialized in pornography featuring under-aged (looking?) women.  Second, he presents himself fairly clearly as someone with a good deal of military experience – often participating in conversations that involve CIA operations and occasionally mentioning his time in the Navy during World War II.  Third, he makes common references to the phrase, “Lake City Quiet Pills.”

Finally, if you dig a little deeper into the history of the user, you’ll also find that he died browsing Reddit in 2009, as reported by someone claiming to be a close friend that went by the screen name “2-6” – who according to adjoining accounts on other sites and forums, may have the real name “Kim” and also regularly went by “AngelTwo-Six.”  Like ROP, 2-6 posted about some interesting things – such as torture interrogation techniques, on Reddit and FARK.  Kim explains that he or she intends to “dump” ReligionOfPeace’s ashes (who may have gone by the name Milo, but I’ll refer to as ROP) on the grounds of a strip mall that was being built on the land that once was ROP’s family farm.  According to the post, he was seventy-nine years old at the time of his death, though some have countered that fact as not quite lining up properly with ROP’s claims of being a World War II veteran: