While the SEAL community eats itself alive from the inside out, other important news is happening in the world.

Looks like Iran wants a little help getting weapons grade nuclear material and who better to help than Kim Jong-un, The Supreme Leader, at least that’s what he tells other people to call him although, I’m sure they have other names…

If MEK is killing all your scientists then I guess you have to start looking elsewhere for talent. 

We’re still convinced that Israel will strike soon…

Iran and North Korea have signed a scientific and technological co-operation agreement, bringing the two nations deeply at odds with the US closer together.

Iranian state TV did not provide further details on the document but said it will include setting up joint scientific and technological laboratories and exchange of scientific teams between the two countries.

The deal also involves the transfer of technology in the fields of information technology, energy, environment, agriculture and food.

Any technical accord between Pyongyang and Tehran is likely to raise suspicions in the West.