Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is advocating for European countries to take a firmer stance toward Iran and it’s aggressive posture. Prime Minister Netanyahu tweeted, “It was no coincidence that this attack was thwarted,” in reference to the arrest of six individuals who had attempted to carry out a bombing of an Iranian opposition party in Paris last weekend. The controversial Islamic Regime opposition group, the Mujahedin-e Khalq (MEK, MKO), hosted their yearly conference in Paris. Many prominent United States officials spoke at the conference who were advocating for change in Iran’s regime.

Presently, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is touring Europe in an effort to engage international businesses and politicians. President Rouhani is advocating for them to maintain relations with Iran in the aftermath of the United State’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal while simultaneously leveling financial sanctions against the Islamic Republic. According to Iranian state-run media, President Rouhani stated that, “The U.S.’s illegal move to withdraw from the JCPOA should be considered a pretext to overlook the nations’ rights in bilateral or multilateral ties.” In a phone call to French President Emmanuel Macron, Rouhani demanded solutions saying, “We expect Europe to offer a clear operational plan with timetable in order to compensate US exit from the deal.”

Prime Minister Netanyahu asked that the leaders of Europe “stop financing the terrorist regime that is financing terrorism against you on your soil.” He added that, “Enough with the policy of appeasement and weakness regarding Iran.” Bahram Qassemi, who is the spokesman for Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, claims the MEK is attempting to compromise Iran’s standing with European leaders, something that is probably not far from the truth. Iran was also quick to claim the couple arrested in relation to the bomb plot were actually members of the MEK.

Iran has also become increasingly active in Iraq’s political sphere, sending various representatives to meet with members of Iraqi parliament. Militarily, they also hold a great deal of influence over Iraq’s paramilitary forces such as the Hashd al-Shaabi militia. Simultaneously they are utilizing proxy forces in Syria to establish a “land bridge” into Palestine, which no doubt would be used by extremist network but also international trade efforts for the isolated nation.

Featured image: President of Iran Hassan Rouhani. | Kremlin