A nuclear Iran is a terrible idea. The current Iran regime is one of the most aggressive and most successful when it comes to state-sponsored terrorism. I’m not being alarmist here, just practical. History has taught us that bad things happen when extremists are in charge. Mussolini, Hitler, Mugabe, al-Assad, Kim Jong-il, Khamenei, none of these guys are shining examples of people you want to trust or negotiate with.

The deal with Iran is a mistake. An important question to ask American leadership is, “What is America’s current long-term strategic plan in the Middle East, and how does a nuclear Iran fit in?” Cue the crickets.

Regardless of whether we should have been in Iraq the second time around, we were there and we owed it to the Iraqi people (and the Kurds) to see it through. Instead, Obama pulled out and surrendered our queen to Iran, leaving the region ripe for ISIS’s picking and with Iran firmly in charge of the Middle East chessboard. America will also leave Afghanistan with the Taliban firmly in charge. “Epic fail” comes to mind, and any fifth grader could analyze the situation in Afghanistan and Iraq, count to over a trillion taxpayer dollars, add up the loss of American life, and tell you these were two very bad plans poorly executed by two American presidents.

We are in one of the longest periods of sustained combat operations in the history of America, and it has taken its toll on the soul of this country. Civil and political liberties have been tossed aside in the name “patriotism.”