After the Trump administration announced a new set of sanctions to be imposed on Iran over its ballistic missile program and “malign activities” in the Middle East, the head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard issued a veiled threat directed at U.S. installations in the region.

If the United States wants to pursue sanctions against Iran’s defenses and the Guards, then it has to move its regional bases to a distance of about 1,000 km (620 miles) around Iran and be aware that it would pay a high price for any miscalculations,” Tasnim, a local news outlet, quoted Iranian Guard commander Mohammad Ali Jafari as saying.

According to Iranian officials, their ballistic missile programs are entirely defensive in nature, and do not violate the nuclear accord in place with the United States and a handful of other nations.  U.S. installations in Qatar and Kuwait, across the Gulf from Iran, as well as the U.S. 5th Fleet’s base in Bahrain would all be within the radius Jafari seemed to be inferring could be targeted by Iranian missile strikes in the event of an international “miscalculation.”

“Iran’s missile capability in the air, sea and land is growing rapidly, and this is an absolute principle for us,” Jafari went on.