Are a wily bunch of Kurdish and Syrian guerillas fighters about to storm the gates of the city of the damned: Raqqa, Syria – The Daesh capital?

If they are, then hell yeah. I’m only mad that I’m not there, strapped up with an AKM, a bunch of improvised charges, and fueled with enough Tiger Energy Drinks to make me the embodiment of chaos. However, the attack on the capital is not scheduled at this time – despite all the hype and hoopla.

On the bold, yet not happening maneuver, Colonel Steve Warren, the Baghdad spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve said,

They’re moving on Raqqa now.

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced via Twitter,

With the participation of all [Syrian Democratic Forces] units, we start this operation to liberate northern [Raqqa] the group said. [Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve] forces will accompany [Syrian Democratic Forces] during the campaign.

What is really happening: A triples-axes assault in the direction of Raqqa. The limit of advance for this operation is prior to Raqqa. The intent is to seize area in the Northern Raqqa Region. Image via Buck Clay

NBC also went Sheeple, and just who are these mysterious idiot defense officials?

A U.S. defense official told NBC News that Kurdish and Arab forces were still between 30 and 40 miles north of Raqqa, and just beginning to move toward the city.