We all have that annoying neighbor bragging about what they are “going to” buy next. In my case, they usually talk about expensive guns, a huge new pickup truck, or maybe a center console boat. But, somehow, the big ticket item just never seems to show up.

Iran is kind of like that BSing neighbor but in the form of a country of 84 million people. They also say they will sell us oil, but that’s a different story for another day. Back to fighter jets…

According to The Times of Israel, Iran is “weighing plans” to purchase multiple Sukhoi Su-35, aka Flanker-E, fighter jets from Russia. At least that is what the commander of the Iranian Air Force, General Hamid Vahedi, has told the Iranian press. As I was reading through the Tehran Times online (I canceled my paper subscription a long time ago), I noticed where Vahedi is quoted as saying the purchase of the jets is “on the agenda” of the Air Force.

General Vahedi concedes that the decision is not his but belongs to the Army and the Armed Forces General Staff Headquarters. Maybe that will give him an “out” when it comes time to save face.