The White House has directed the State Department and government agencies to investigate “unexplained health incidents” that have caused symptoms similar to the “Havana syndrome” suffered by American diplomats and intelligence operatives abroad. 

The White House released a statement saying that it is taking all actions against American citizens seriously. 

“The White House is working closely with departments and agencies to address unexplained health incidents and ensure the safety and security of Americans serving around the world. Given that we are still evaluating reported incidents and that we need to protect the privacy of individuals reporting incidents, we cannot provide or confirm specific details at this time.”

The Mysterious Incidents Are Pilling Up

Several news sources reported that in late 2016 American embassy personnel in Cuba began experiencing unexplained symptoms, such as dizziness and pounding headaches, sometimes accompanied by an unidentified “piercing directional noise.” Then, these issues began to affect American personnel in Russia and China.

The National Academy of Scientists believes that the symptoms suffered are most likely the result of “directed, pulsed radiofrequency energy,” possibly a microwave. The CIA, State Department, and the Pentagon have all launched investigations.

One former CIA career officer, Mark Polymeropolous was forced to retire last year due to what was diagnosed as “traumatic brain injury.” Polymeropoulos gave an interview to CNN talking about the incident.

Another recent incident took place on White House grounds. CNN was the first to report that in November last year near the Ellipse, the large oval lawn on the south side of the White House, a U.S. official from the national security council suddenly fell sick.

Another incident took place in 2019 and involved a White House staffer. As the staffer was walking her dog in Arlington, VA, a parked van stopped next to her, and a man got out and walked past her.