SOFREP Mafia, we’ve been getting numerous reports that some folks behind military and government firewalls are unable to access, and we need your help (explained below). We think we struck a nerve somewhere (the Benghazi nerve), and while we’re flattered that someone noticed, it looks like we’re getting a keyword-based blocking campaign in response.

Clearly, none of America’s cyber warriors have SOFREP on their screens in the image above, and we find that just a little bit curious.

And yet, these North Korean fuckers are obviously feeling some SOFREP SHOCK & AWE!

North Korean fuckers love them some SOFREP...AT WORK!!!

So, how can you help? If you work behind a military or government firewall, we want to know if you can you get your daily SOFREP or not. Please take a few moments to tell us your current experience on this anonymous form. We don’t want any secrets, bases, units, names or anything – we just want to know if you’re behind a mil/govt firewall and you’re getting us, or if we’re being blocked. And if we’re being blocked, maybe you can tell us when you first noticed the issue.

And of course, if any of you members work in the civilian world and your firewall is blocking us, we’d like to know that too.

We don’t want to raise alarms, and we really don’t want to publicly acknowledge this yet. We’re just hoping that some of you can help us with a little fact-finding.

Thank you and have a pleasant day,