Tracking Point is a precision-guided firearms company from Austin, Texas. They produce a variety of guided firearms that took years to produce. This is the same company that made the rifle Taya Kyle won a shooting competition with.

Their stated goal is to “save the lives of thousands of American soldiers and give our military a tremendous battle advantage. We know that hunting with precision-guided firearms results in cleaner kills and less wounding of animals. We think that precision-guided firearms are ideal for predator control and herd management.”

Are we getting closer to this being used widely in the military, or are we years away? Only time will tell. I don’t know a lot of guys or gals willing to place their lives in the hands of this type of technology on a battlefield just yet, but it sure looks like it would be fun to hunt with or take to the range. With retail prices of $10,000-16,000 and up, not many will be able to afford them yet. Watch this video that talks about how their technology works and be your own judge of these weapon systems.