We get a ton of submissions via our comms check portal but occasionally I draw some fire that catches my attention. I’m always open to dialog and good debate and I received permission from Steven to post his submission to me.

I personally believe that the United States is a country in good standing and I think I was on point regarding my statements to ABC News story about Stolen Valor; Steven calls me a liar, I say he’s arguing pure semantics.  Apparently Steven is drawing on his interpretation of Major General Smedley Butler, USMC, Ret. as he discusses the issue of war in his book War Is A Racket.

Judging from Butler’s interesting career and some controversy after his retirement I would love to go back in time and have a conversation with him about some great points he makes in his book. Disclaimer: I’ve only read portions of the book at War Is A Racket’s website.

General Butler