Despite recent assurances by the president of the United States that there are no current, specific, and credible terrorist threats targeted against the U.S. homeland, some of those familiar with the threat streams coming out of the Middle East believe that various plots do, in-fact, exist. Their degrees of credibility, specificity, and seriousness, however, remain unclear. It appears that al-Qaeda and ISIS continue their attack planning against the United States, which should come as no surprise to those who have followed the groups over the past decade.

Additionally, French authorities, who reportedly have robust intelligence insights into ISIS activities in Iraq and Syria, continue to be concerned with the possibility of some sort of unspecified chemical attack on the West, though further details on the possible threat remain unknown at this time.

Al-Qaeda, specifically, has long sought to acquire nuclear and biochemical WMDs for use against its enemies, and reports from Iraq and Syria have surfaced this year indicating ISIS has been using chemical weapons in their attacks.

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