A Russian spy named “Elvira Karaeva,” reportedly worked in Russian intelligence before infiltrating ISIS for four years in Russia’s North Caucasus. She worked her way through the ranks of the organization and revealed their locations, which resulted in multiple ISIS deaths. According to the Islamic State (ISIS) Al-Hayat Media Center’s fourth issue of its Russian-language online magazine Istok (“The Source”):

In this article, we want to tell you about a girl who called herself a Muslim. Her story has shaken even the strongest of minds, since in the understanding of every believer, a Muslim woman is one who worships Allah, obeys her husband, raises a God-fearing generation; she is a preserver of the hearth and home. As Allah the Almighty said: ‘I created the Jinns and the human beings only that they might worship Me’ ([Koran chapter] The Winnowing Winds, verse 56). A Muslim woman is Allah’s beautiful creation, made for beautiful things. Made to be concealed from foreign eyes, to save herself only for the man allowed to her, to lead a righteous and pious life. But our story is about the woman who limited herself only to the external attributes of Islam and chose another way in life. The abominable way of disobedience to Allah, incurring His anger and displeasure.

“In the circle of believers, she called herself Sumayah. But if we compare her life story to that of the famous martyr Sumayah, may Allah be pleased with her, we can boldly claim that they are as different as stinking, repulsive carrion is different from a fragrant, delightful flower. For the same reason, it seems more appropriate to use her previous name – Elvira – when mentioning her. She does not deserve to be called by the same name as the first martyr, the first martyr in Islam, the one who, while still alive, was informed by the Messenger of Allah that she and her family will be in Paradise.

“So what did Elvira Karaeva do, why did she deserve all these negative descriptions? She did something that deprives a person of their status as a Muslim…

“Elvira the apostate gave information to the Russian special services about our brothers and sisters waging jihad in the patch of Allah in the Caucasus Province (wilayah al-Qawqaz). She shamelessly wormed her way into the confidence of true servants of Allah and then disclosed their location and contacts, thus making them easy prey for the henchmen of taghut.[1] Because of her contemptible actions and close contacts with the FSB [i.e. the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation], many of our brothers and sisters became martyrs.

“But before we continue to describe her case in detail, let’s answer the following question: What is the meaning of this wrongdoing from the point of view of shari’a law, and what made a modest-looking girl wearing a black hijab do it? In order to answer, we shall first have to look at the question from the aspect of religious knowledge.

“To begin, we shall point out that this deed violates one of the greatest foundations of the Islamic faith, which is Al-Wala’ wal-Bara’ [loyalty to Muslims and renunciation of non-Muslims]. It is the basis that fighters fight for and believers give up their spirit for. It is an inviolable borderline set by Allah to preserve the ideology, morals, and principles of the believers. And naturally, he who has ruined this foundation loses his religion. He who has lost this core deprives his testimony of any value. For the acknowledgement that there is nobody worthy of worship except Allah is followed by obligatory renunciation of taghut and by manifestation of hatred towards and renunciation of its adherents.

“That is why this deed, that is, helping infidels against Muslims, is an even weightier and dirtier sin, according to shari’a, than adultery or killing a Muslim, even though it is punished in the same way. Proof of the gravity of this deed and its magnitude according to the fundamental principles of Islam is in the ayah where Allah the Almighty says: ‘O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for helpers or friends, for they are friends to each other. He among you who takes them for helpers and friends is one of them’ ([Koran chapter] The Table Spread, verse 51)…

“If we think upon the meanings of these texts and project them onto the specific actions of the apostate Elvira – that is, her constant liaison with Russian special services agents (her companionship with them, etc.) – we will come to the conclusion that all these actions stemmed from the absence of real hatred towards them as the enemies of Allah. For, in fact, whoever has fully fathomed the words of Allah: ‘Truly, the idolaters are unclean’ ([Koran chapter] The Repentance, verse 28), has realized the vileness of their religion, their lifestyle and morals. He will be disgusted by the mere mention of the enemies of Allah, who ascribe partners to Him, do battle with His religion and with His closest servants – the mujahideen.’

“Elvira was summoned for questioning more than once by the investigating authorities of the Caliphate. But every time she invented stories, twisting the facts. In her conversation with the investigators, she often lied and distorted the true meaning of events. Although our brothers had many valid reasons to detain her, they released her every time, trusting her word.

ISIS fell for a Russian honeypot spy named 'Elvira'
On left: Armiev Artur, one of the ISIS members betrayed by Karaeva.

“Here we must point out the essential difference between the investigating authorities acting under shari’ah law and those we knew in the past in the lands of kufr [unbelief]. Those who have experienced their treatment firsthand in the lands of kufr know about their cruelty, as well as about injustices and atrocities they commit against those they hold illegally. But the warriors of Allah, mujahideen who work in the Caliphate’s investigating bodies, do so in the fear of Allah, following His orders and observing His interdictions. Questionings are held in a respectful manner, without humiliation of human dignity or crossing any borders.

“Elvira helped Russian special services agents in the Caucasus Province for four years. Our mujahideen brothers, as well as sisters who helped them, became martyrs due to her direct involvement. She disclosed the location of safe houses, secret bases, and positions. After some time, Elvira moved to the lands of the Caliphate. After receiving first information about her dishonesty, Caliphate’s secret services started taking an interest in her. She was summoned to questioning several times, but each time she told yet another tall tale. This continued until an audio recording was received from the amir of Ingushetia, our brother Muhammad, may Allah accept his martyrdom – a recording containing evidence of Elvira’s involvement in the shahada of our brothers from the Caucasus Province. Elvira was detained again, but even then she lied, refusing to admit her guilt and denying her involvement in the charges brought against her.

“Some time later, only by the grace of Allah, our brothers from the Caliphate’s investigating authorities thought of using a cunning investigative maneuver against the accused Elvira, and this maneuver proved successful, praise Allah. After this, Elvira started telling in detail and in front of the camera how she had collaborated with the Russian special services. Since she was the wife of one of the mujahideen in the Caucasus, whose name was Abu Muslim, she went to our brothers’ base where she photographed their location and observed their number and weapons. After this, she participated in the poisoning of Abu Muslim, may Allah have mercy on him, whose death, according to our brothers, was very painful.

ISIS fell for a Russian honeypot spy named 'Elvira'
On left: Gochiyaev Biaslan, another ISIS member betrayed by Karaeva.

“In total, the investigators proved Elvira’s involvement in the martyrdom of six brothers and one sister; they are: Shakhbiev Adam, Abu Muslim, Amriev Artur, Gochiaev Biaslan, Totorkulov Temurlan, Dlugoborskiy Valentin, and Urusova Marina. Also, it was proven that she was directly involved in the imprisonment of our sister who had been long hunted by the henchmen of taghut. It is a fact that many more true servants of Allah were injured by Elvira Karaeva’s vile acts.

“It is worth noting that Elvira’s character is much more repulsive than is described in this article. We decided not to go into detail about Elvira’s relations with the agents of the Russian special services. It is enough for our readers that she acted against the religion of Allah, assisted its enemies, and, by her actions, hindered the development of jihad in the lands of the Caucasus by assisting in the murders of the servants of Allah.

ISIS releases video of beheading of accused Russian spy (GRAPHIC IMAGES)

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“Elvira’s guilt was completely proven. She confessed to her crimes and confirmed that she was an agent of the Russian special services and that she was paid handsomely for her actions. After this, the shari’a court of the Islamic State delivered its judgement: to execute her as an apostate who aided infidels against Muslims. Elvira was killed with a shot to her head by a mujahid of the Caliphate, and her body was thrown on a scrapheap. Such is the retribution for those who dare challenge the religion of Allah and hope to avoid responsibility…”

Of course, Russia has not validated these claims as of yet. This could be a successful tactic to use again in the future as ISIS continually seeks brides for its fighters. Of course, there would have to be willing participants to put up with ISIS and live in deplorable conditions. Even if only a percentage of the story is true, bravo to “Elvira” for her efforts to kill ISIS from within.



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