Following the fall of Mosul on Tuesday, the ISIS offensive has seized more territory, as the Iraqi Army continues to fold like a cheap suit.

On June 10, a 60+ vehicle convoy rolled into Bayji, set fire to government buildings and police headquarters, and besieged the Bayji oil refinery, which is the largest refinery in Iraq.  A short while later, the 250 Iraqi security forces holding the refinery agreed to withdraw.  A great deal of ISIS logistical clout lately has come from de facto control of several of Iraq’s western oil facilities.

Following the seizure of Bayji, ISIS forces continued on to Tikrit, Saddam’s hometown, and took control of the city, reportedly capturing the provincial governor, Ahmad Abdullah.  Even more prisoners have been released from prisons in Tikrit, adding to the 1400-2500 released in Mosul on Tuesday.

Video of the ISIS entry into Tikrit: