In al-Naba, the ISIS weekly digital newspaper, they speak out against the Sykes-Picot agreement after 100 years of its creation. This is their attempt to recruit those that are looking for a romanticized version of Islam by claiming that it is Allah’s will that they carry jihad past the borders drawn by the Sykes-Picot agreement. ISIS has always sought to dissolve the borders drawn by Sykes-Picot agreement and unite the Muslims under one ruling government as they claim Allah intended.  Below, is a translated version from the ISIS digital magazine.

Over the past two centuries, dozens of agreements were made between Crusader colonialist states in order to split up Muslim lands. The most well-known of these is the Sykes-Picot agreement, by which the Crusaders fired the kill shot at the Ottoman Empire, which ruled with manmade laws to protect the Sufi shrines of shirk (as was manifest in its final years). Thus, the Crusaders inherited the land and influence in Iraq, Sham, and the Arabian Peninsula. This agreement became a symbol of the fragmentation imposed upon Muslims. The tawaghit inherited it from their Crusader masters and were dedicated to upholding it, each of them managing the interests of his master in his piece of land; and if the efficiency of one of them waivered, he would be replaced by another taghut who would offer greater benefits to the Crusaders and would possesses more capacity to wage war on Islam and Muslims.

This fragmentation served as the basis for establishing secular nationalist movements that attempted to redraw the map, gathering all of these people distributed throughout various countries, as per the agreement, in order to establish a union of these states. Such movements included Arab, Kurd, Baloch, Pashtun, Turk, Berber and Malawi nationalists, as well as others. Through these actions, many ignorant, nationalist taghut regimes arose, making ethnicity, language, and loyalty to the state their foundational principles. After a century, most of these movements dissolved and the tawaghit abandoned their nationalist proposals, by which they deceived their followers and supporters for decades, revealing the truth that they were merely tools to stabilize the fragmentation, unable to seriously work against it. Then, hundreds of parties, organizations and factions, all claiming attribution to Islam, emerged to break these agreements, as they announced their goal to unify Muslims and remove the artificial borders between their lands. However, with the passage of time, they became that same tool, used to stabilize these borders and to maintain that fragmentation, each eventually divided on a regional, nationalist, patriotic and linguistic basis. So each branch of such organizations had its own doctrine and methodology, working entirely separately from the rest of its branches, let alone the rest of the Ummah [Muslims as a whole].

One could list among the products of the Sykes-Picot agreement its nationalities, regimes, religions, and so on… The Islamic State and the World after Sykes-Picot Allah has safeguarded the Islamic State from falling into this polytheism, making it hold firm to the prophetic methodology and giving it certainty that the land will be inherited by those whom Allah selects of His righteous slaves. The principle is that all will be united under the rule of Allah, as the affairs will be managed by the one Muslim Imam, who is obeyed in virtue, and that all that lies outside this land, i.e. Dar al-Islam, is the land of disbelief and war. It is only befitting that Muslims leave such a land and come to Dar al-Islam, as they must fight the disbelievers of that land, whose blood, wealth and honor are all permissible to take. By Allah’s grace, it did not deviate under the pressure exerted by the Crusaders and their taghut agents to isolate it in a narrow spot of land.

Allah facilitated that it step over the Sykes-Picot borders in its jihad, by sending the mujahidin to Sham to fight the Nusayriyyah and by providing them with what they could of weapons and wealth. It rejected the attempts of those astray to uphold these borders by separating its branch in Sham from its emir, who announced that they are one state in both Iraq and Sham. And though preoccupied with fighting the Nusayriyyah, it did not stop fighting against the Rafidah in Iraq, but instead increased its harshness against them, until Allah permitted its conquests. Thus, the mujahidin broke the borders on the ground after they broke them in the hearts and minds, and consolidation was achieved by Allah’s grace. Then came the critical announcement, ending all forms of disunity and division among Muslims, whether created by artificial borders, manufactured by tawaghit, or invented by factions and organizations. That was restoring the Khilafah, pledging allegiance to the Khalifah of Muslims, Shaykh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, may Allah preserve him. The pledges came from the East and the West, showing the unity of Muslims in every place under the shade of the State of the Khilafah, ending the fragmentation formed by the Crusaders, stabilized by the tawaghit, and upheld by the misguided factions and organizations, which were based thereon.

By Allah’s grace, the Islamic State unified the camp of faith, bringing Muslims together under one banner, just as the camp of disbelief unified, as various countries arose and gathered today to fight it, seeking a return to the world before the Khilafah’s return. By Allah’s permission, the coming days will witness more events that result in removing borders of Sykes-Picot and its like, that the world might be re-divided, but based on creed The Islamic State and the World after Sykes-Picot and not race, nation or tribe. At that time, each person will choose for himself what he seeks, whether the camp of faith, wherein there is no hypocrisy, or the camp of disbelief, wherein there is no faith.

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