Anonymous hackers are posting photos and details of who they claim to be, Jazrawi Daesh – @Jazrawi_Daesh.

@Jazrawi_Daesh on Twitter is currently suspended. Image courtesy of Twitter.

Jazrawi, principally a Twitter personality who has acted as a propagandist for the terrorist organization, know as Daesh [ISIS/ISIL]. He first came to light after the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California, where Jazrawi declared via Twitter, the “martyrdom” of the terrorists. Jazrawi then posted via Twitter, that the terrorist attack was a “planned attack involving assault rifles and explosives.”

His rants and raves often included non-specific threats, odd references, digital media warnings, and strange geographical claims from Afghanistan to the United States.

Anonymous hackers have thus far, revealed his first name: Ahmad. They have not released his address or his last name . . . If they had, I would have already been on the phone to MI5. Although, the hackers claim that he has escalated his efforts, to recruitment, in conjunction with his work as a propagandist. Details of his personal life have also been revealed, which report that he is a Saudi Arabian National and married to a woman within the United Kingdom.

Image courtesy of Twitter.

Even so, marriage has not slowed him down. In contradiction of the staunch religious code of ethics allegedly followed by Daesh; he plays the hypocrite, and this was his downfall. Jazrawi has made himself famous within some rather off-beat circles. Women who find Extremist Terrorism attractive, to which he often sent nudes. Some of the recipients, according to the hackers were purportedly coerced into sexual encounters with Jazrawi.


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