This sort of event is far too rich and dark to pass up.  So if you missed it, read on and embrace the irony.  

In a turn of events that can only be described as poetic justice, Long War Journal’s Threat Matrix recently reported that an Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham (ISIS) suicide bomb trainer accidentally killed most of his class during a training mishap.  As in, the guy experienced a “premature detonation” of sorts that resulted in the inflamed and timely demise of twenty-two ISIS members and the wounding of fifteen others.  That kind of premature detonation.  Must’ve been one hell of an attention step!

What probably didn’t help this situation were the large stores of “other explosive devices and heavy weapons” kept at the ISIS camp located in a farming area in the northeastern province of Samara, Iraq.  This is karma right here, folks.  Either that or the latest contestants auditioning for the coveted Darwin Award.

LWJ reports an Iraqi Army officer as saying that the suicide bomb trainer was a “prolific recruiter who was [for once] ‘able to kill the bad guys.'”  One of the most explosive side effects of this fiery situation is the selflessness demonstrated by the ISIS operative, who took it upon himself to facilitate the introduction of his jihad brethren to his combustible knowledge of suicide bombing techniques.  The Iraqi Army, for one, is grateful.

But while the latest Darwin Award contestants eliminate themselves through enkindled displays of suicide bomb techniques, further investigation reveals some disturbing trends.  For one is the simple fact that ISIS is able to “recruit such a large number of suicide bombers and then train them all in one place.”  Holding a massive forum on suicide bombing with thirty-seven of your new best friends and favorite instructor makes for a pretty large venue.  Second is the question regarding the number of similar ISIS suicide bombing camps in existence.  With any luck, the instructors all attended the same “train the trainer” course and we’ll see repeat events in the near future.

As LWJ identified, ISIS “has enough capacity to even use its own suicide bombers against rival Islamists”, which means that while still a heated event, it probably won’t make much difference to ISIS suicide bomb operations in the long run.  But one can hope.  Bring back this guy and the issue may solve itself.

Thanks for listening.

(Featured Image courtesy of SOFREP’s Bob Lang.  Tell us it’s not beautiful.  Another great one!)