In a recent development, Israeli forces initiated an extensive ground operation into northern Gaza, marking a significant escalation in the ongoing conflict with Hamas. This ground raid neutralized several terrorist positions, setting the stage for a potential full-scale ground invasion following over two weeks of relentless aerial bombardments.

UN Concerns

The United Nations has sounded the alarm as the Gaza Strip is teetering on the brink of a severe fuel crisis, which could cripple relief operations in the already beleaguered territory. This precarious situation arose amidst a total blockade imposed following a brutal onslaught by Hamas across southern Israel earlier this month, igniting the current hostilities.

As per Palestinian officials, the humanitarian crisis is deepening, with the death toll in Gaza skyrocketing past 7,000 on Thursday, presenting an unprecedented fatality figure in the long-standing Israeli-Palestinian feud. The looming threat of a large-scale ground offensive by Israel targeting Hamas, which has been governing Gaza since 2007, portends an even graver human toll.