The Israeli Air Force (IAF) has conducted numerous airstrikes in Syria since the civil war began. It continues to target Iranian troop concentrations, missile and weapons warehouses, and Iranian-led proxy militias, including Hezbollah. 

The IAF has been pummeling the Iranians, and their proxies, with airstrikes that are exacting a heavy toll.

The Tehran regime never publicly admits to losses of troops. Nevertheless, the Iranian people are well aware of the human and financial costs — especially since cash is in short supply in the country. As a result, an increasingly negative sentiment has been developing in the country. 

To minimize the effect of Israeli airstrikes, Iranian commanders are getting creative in trying to hide their troops, rockets, and missiles. They have begun storing and basing them in civilian residences and commercial buildings. To do that, they are buying, investing, and, in some cases, seizing abandoned property in the area bordering Israel, according to a recent post on the Strategy Page.