The Israeli Air Force blasted several Islamic Jihad targets in Syria and the Gaza Strip late Sunday and early Monday after the terrorist organization fired dozens of rockets into Israel. 

The Israelis later killed one terrorist who attempted to plant explosives along the fence with Gaza, the military said in a statement. They then dragged his body into Israel with a bulldozer. The IDF hit what they call “terror targets,” and a “hub of Islamic Jihad activity in Syria,” which included a weapons research and development hub, where rocket fuel was developed, as well as training facilities near Damascus.

During the Damascus strikes, two members of Islamic Jihad (IJ) were killed at their compound outside of Damascus, the IJ announced on Twitter. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the rocket fire in a statement and said it was in response to the deaths of its militants in Syria.

“We confirm that we are ready to confront any aggression and let the occupation know that if it continues, we will respond with full force and competence,” Islamic Jihad said in the statement. They added that the airstrike was “proof of the Israeli failure to deal with Islamic Jihad fighters in the battlefield.”