The Israeli Air Force conducted a heavy airstrike on a Syrian military airport outside of Damascus, before dawn on Monday, hitting several positions that base Iranian troops

Early reports from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) stated that seven people were killed, four Iranian troops and three civilians, while four other people were wounded, including a child. 

Syrian military reports stated that their air defense units had  “confronted the Israeli aggression.” As is typical for the vast majority of airstrikes in Syria, the IDF neither confirmed nor denied responsibility. Yet, this latest airstrike — the second one in less than a week and the third in 10 days in Syria — comes just a day after Israeli Defense Minister Naftali Bennett esssentially told the media that military action was impending.

In an interview with 103FM in Israel, Bennett said, “Keep your ears open. We’ve gone from a policy of blocking [Iran] to pushing it out.” Bennett also said that Israel is “more determined” than the Iranians, adding that “[the situation has] been good for [Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria] recently.”