Late Night Tweeting

In a post-midnight tweet, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated his earlier stance that he wasn’t alerted by security heads about a looming Hamas assault, claiming instead that he was assured of Hamas’s deterrence. This sparked a backlash over what seemed like an attempt to shift blame for the calamity. The tweet was removed nine hours later, followed by an unusual apology from Netanyahu.

The original tweet, coming after a late-night press briefing with Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and Minister Benny Gantz, denied any forewarning about Hamas’s hostile intents. It further stated that security authorities, including the heads of military intelligence and Shin Bet, believed Hamas sought a resolution, a viewpoint repeatedly shared with him and his cabinet till war broke out.

At the press event, when questioned about a supposed warning from the intelligence chiefs regarding Hamas‘s attack plans, Netanyahu dismissed the inquiry as “inaccurate.” About an hour after deleting the tweet, he admitted his mistake, regretting his earlier remarks and extending support to the security forces.