The following piece was graciously submitted by SOFREP reader, proud New Yorker, and IDF Special Forces soldier Corey Feldman.

On the 50th anniversary of the Yom Kippur War, as the eve of Simchat Torah dawned—a time when Jews embrace the joy of receiving the Torah—Israel was jolted awake by a nightmare.

Hamas terrorists, armed and merciless, breached Israel’s borders. The toll was devastating: hundreds of innocent civilians were murdered, thousands more injured, and numerous taken hostage, including women, children, the elderly, and even infants. The streets of Gaza echoed with harrowing scenes: jubilant celebrations of these heinous acts and heart-wrenching videos of beaten and bloodied kidnapped Israeli teenagers being led around the streets by their hair. Aside from soldiers and police, among the dead are civilians, young rave-goers mowed down as they fled through fields of yellowing grass, residents of kibbutzim, and towns overrun by Hamas terrorists. Among them were my friends. The world should no longer have any doubt about the intentions of our enemies and their lack of humanity.