Israel, the top regional power in the Middle East, has used its top-tier military defense capabilities to protect its borders from numerous threats since 1948. Already a military superpower, the Israelis have expanded their soft power by becoming a significant export of technology and scientific advancements. Now, Tel Aviv is looking to grow its defense industry.

Israel has decided to expand their military exports to various countries in those regions by enhancing their partnerships throughout the Middle West, North Africa, and Europe.

David’s Sling to Finland

Finland has reassessed their national security and neutrality following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Already Europe’s largest reserve army and artillery stockpiles, Helsinki requested a NATO ascension, which was granted earlier this year.

Needing a valid air defense and deterrence to Russia’s aggressive Baltic and Northern fleet, Finland has purchased David’s Sling missile defense system from Israel. The United States approved the sale in early August, and the transfer of the missile system will be completed later this year.

According to the Israeli defense ministry, David’s Sling can intercept drones, crusade missiles, and ballistic missiles (including nuclear-tipped ones). With a nuclear umbrella under the American, French, and British doctrine, Helsinki will now have an advanced nuclear missile defense system thanks to Tel Aviv.

Spike Missiles to Poland

Poland has gone through Europe’s most significant military spending spree not seen since WWII. Becoming a shield of Eastern Europe, Poland has massively remilitarized, purchasing hundreds of billions of tanks, jets, drones, and long-range rocket systems from countries such as South Korea, Turkey, and the United States.

Israel has become another desired industry to supplement Poland’s defense. Warsaw reportedly looks to secure a $100 million deal to secure the competent spike anti-tank missile system from Tel Aviv. With rising Russian and Belarusian threats toward their country, Poland will continue to build up its military readiness.