In what turned out to be an awful month for the Special Forces community, the Pentagon released the name of yet another Green Beret killed in action in Afghanistan on August 29.

Sergeant First Class Dustin Ard was killed by small-arms fire during a joint operation with Afghan Special Operations Forces (SOF). The U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) hasn’t released further information of the Green Beret’s death pending an investigation on the incident.

Earlier in August, two more Special Forces operators were killed in the war-torn country. Master Sergeants Luis Deleon-Figueroa and Jose Gonzalez, from the 7th Special Forces Group, were also killed by small-arms fire during combat operations.

Although as of now irrelevant with Sgt. Ard’s death, it was recently revealed that a Ranger from the 2nd Ranger Battalion was killed by Afghan friendly fire during a joint operation with one of Afghanistan’s most elite units on November 2018.