Italian Army Special Forces 9th Regiment change beret designs

The 9th paratroopers assault regiment, Col Moschin, took another step toward the recovery of those traditions that founded the history of one of the most prestigious units of the Italian Army.

On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Army Special Intervention Unit’s formation, the “Ninth” will soon change the color of its glorious maroon beret to replace it with the more traditional grey-green–a style that belonged to the first formation, the Special Platoon.

In 1952, a young paratrooper lieutenant, Franco Falcone, explored the idea of forming a small nucleus of specialized soldiers, taking inspiration from World War II‘s Italian special units. This concept, initially accepted with some perplexity by both the Army and the Navy, became reality with the establishment of the first post-war special forces department, the Plotone Speciale. This small group of bravest was assigned in April, 1953 to the Infantry School of Cesano, then transformed into a Paratrooper Saboteurs Company under the command of Captain Edoardo Acconci.