Italian police made a huge drug bust when they impounded three suspicious container ships on Wednesday that contained 15.4 tons (14 metric tons) of amphetamines, manufactured by ISIS in Syria.

Law enforcement officials said the haul is the world’s largest drug bust in terms of both value and quantity.

Authorities were tipped off about the ships that had docked in the southern Italian port of Salerno. There they found 84 million tablets of the drug Captagon inside machinery and large paper cylinders for industrial use. The market value for the amphetamines, which were bound for Europe was $1.12 billion dollars or one million euros. 

A video posted to the Italian Financial Guard’s Twitter page showed agents using saws to cut into large paper and steel cylinders to reveal thousands of tablets stuffed inside, as they poured out. 

In a statement, Italian police said that the drugs were to be sold by ISIS to “finance terrorism.” The drugs were produced in manufacturing facilities in Syria. “This is the largest seizure of amphetamines in the world.”